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Eliminating the inconvenience of transportation and making the city’s possibilities infinite.

Move freely with elevator
We are developing a next-generation elevator that uses linear motors that use magnetic force to move people’s cars instead of hanging them with wires. It is now possible to move not only up and down, but also sideways and around curves, and because there are no wires, multiple cars can be operated simultaneously on a single hoistway, leading to more efficient use of building space.

It is also expected to be used as a new form of mobility that connects the station with neighboring buildings, hospitals, etc. One of the founders, Mr. Sandor Markon, president of the company, who previously worked for the elevator giant Fujitec, says, “Infinite possibilities are created in design, and the design of the city will change.”

A test tower will be installed at Kyoto University’s Uji Campus (Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture) to proceed with verification, with the aim of commercializing the product in 2026. The Turkish electronic parts manufacturer that will be responsible for production has also begun construction of a factory.
Regarding safety, which is an issue, he says, “In addition to conventional brakes, we also incorporate technology that allows the car to lower slowly even without electricity.”
It will also be important to consider how to reduce installation costs and raise funds for mass production.

Yomiuri Shimbun Kansai edition Posted on 2023/12/9