Linear motor elevators
bring endless
possibilities to the city.


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linear motor elevator?

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The next generation elevator drives directly by connecting a linear motor to the elevator cage.
The elevator will be self-propelled (ropeless), dramatically increasing the degree of freedom in trajectory and control.
No need to limit the traveling track to a vertical straight line as in the past, it can move in any direction in three dimensions, and multiple elevators can run in the same track, so it can operate in less space than before.
This next-generation vehicle makes new architecture and mobility possible and enrich lives around the world.


Currently, we have succeeded in developing a drive system for linear motor elevators,
and we are operating a prototype at the Uji Campus of Kyoto University.
We have also succeeded in developing an AI group management system necessary
for the realization of multi-car elevators.
Linearity’s technology is almost ready to be provided to our customers.

CEO Message

Linear motor elevators have long been a dream of many elevator engineers and architects,
not just us of Linearity. The day of realization is finally approaching.
Next-generation elevators will change the city,
bringing about major changes and enormous economic benefits.
“Creating a prosperous future with linear motor elevator technology”
We are looking for companies and individuals who can be partners in this wonderful adventure,
such as investors, industrial partners, and developers who create the next-generation architecture.

  • Sandor

    President and CEO [Linear motor / elevator technology development]
    Professor of Kobe Institute of Computing, Doctor of Engineering of Kyoto University, Councilor of Better Living. (Elevator performance evaluation)
    * Developed the world’s first elevator group management and control program using AI.

  • Ahmet

    Director [Linear motor technology development]
    Associate Professor, Sabanci University, Turkey, Doctor of Engineering, Kyoto University.

  • Ender

    Director [Component development / manufacturing]
    Representative Director of Desird, Turkey, Master of Engineering, Sabanci University.

  • Kenji

    Director [International collaboration, venture management, national policy support, US / Africa expansion support]
    Vice President of Kobe Institute of Computing, Representative Director of Swift Xi.

  • Lao

    Outside Director [Development of various control programs using AI]
    President of SenseTime Japan, Vice President of SenseTime Group, Master of Engineering, Kyoto University.

  • Motoyuki

    Advisor [Finance, venture management, national policy support, Asia / EU expansion support]
    Certified accountant, venture business owner, former member of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party. (2nd term, 12 years)
    Served as Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Finance, Chairman of the House of Councilors Finance and Finance Committee.


Linearity Co., Ltd.
November 2017
Head Office
The Kyoto Technoscience Center Room14, 14 Yoshidakawaracho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8305 JAPAN
Sandor Markon
Research on linear motors and elevators. (LMEs)
Research, development, sales and licensing of LME core components.
Control technology research, development, sales, licensing.
Research, development and sales of AI group control and operation system.
Planning and design of LME-based architecture and city planning.
Consulting on the application of LME to architecture.
(Head Office)

Room 14, Kyoto Technoscience Center, 14 Yoshidakawara-cho, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto, 606-8305 JAPAN

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Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Uji Campus, Kyoto University (Facility No. 60) Gokasho,
Uji, Kyoto, 611-0011 JAPAN

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