Benefits of linear motor elevators


Inheriting the mature safety technology
of the conventional elevators,
we guarantee the same or higher safety.
In addition, some of the conventional causes of failure such as rope slip are eliminated.

Conventional elevators are very safe vehicles, and the various safety technologies that guarantee their safety are also adopted for linear motor elevators. Among them, the mechanical brake that ensures that the elevator cage is kept stationary while passengers are getting on and off, and the protection mechanism that prevents movement when the door is not completely closed, are all inherited. Furthermore, since the linear motor drive applies thrust directly to the car, the risk factors that have occurred in the past due to the transmission of that force by friction are eliminated, and even higher safety is realized. In addition, even if the power supply to the linear motor itself is cut off, the induced currents prevent the car from falling, and it can not fall freely even if all other safety mechanisms do not operate.