Drive technology

The linear motor, which is the center
of L-DRIVE, will finally appear
on the front stage.

“Linear motor” is a word we often hear, but L-DRIVE linear motors are made with a new design that has never been seen before. The biggest factor in system cost is the long “stator” part that spans the hoistway, so by minimizing the materials used there, initial costs and installation / maintenance costs can be minimized. In addition, the L-DRIVE motor structure is ideal for elevators as they do not generate vibration or noise and do not apply a large attractive force to the mover on the cage side. The reliability and long life is proven by our experimental motor of the same type as this motor that has already been in operation for more than 10 years.

Everything is included

Since it is driven by a linear motor, not only the motor itself, but also electronic circuits that provide power and control where it is needed, position detection sensors, and a system that supplies power and communication to moving parts in a non-contact manner are all in one unit. A linear motor elevator can be developed simply by adding conventional elevator components. Our unit is designed to minimize the burden on the user.